If you haven't noticed, we're a little bit nuts about our macadamias - to a point that we write poems about our orchards. Not only because they are the most delightful tasting kernels with incredible health perks, but also we love how Australian macadamia farming truly leads the way in caring for our land and soil regeneratively - with most natural, least invasive methods to manage pests and diseases for a sustainable, abundant future of our planet.

Every year, Australian government conducts a survey called 'National Residue Survey (NRS)' that tests various Australian plant and animal products for a range of chemical residues and environmental contaminants, and macadamias are part of this test - we're proudly one of the partners in forefront that take the clean and green food production standards very seriously. 


The results of the latest National Residue Survey (NRS) have just been released, and we’re thrilled to be part of Australia's macadamia producers that have once again been awarded 100% compliance, marking a 20-year unbroken record of perfect scores! It’s a significant achievement that is unmatched by any other Australian fresh product.

This is just yet another proof that our nuts in milkadamia are fruits of a world-class, restorative farming philosophy that celebrates the radical optimism in transforming how we make food, and how we eat food. Yet another reason to feel good about that smoothie bowl you made with your milkadamia