Our beloved milkadamia kicked off the summer at Coffee Fest Chicago this past weekend {June 9-11} pouring some deliciously moo-free lattes, made with our newest barista blend Latte Da.

'Make Raw Not War' was our theme tune - inspired by our raw, not roasted macadamias that give milkadamia its subtle, smooth creaminess, that is at perfect peace with the coffee roast. Did those words take you back to 60s yet? We were the hippies of Windy City - celebrating our raw revolution, and our 1959 VW kombi had dozens of passengers all weekend, riding with good vibes  and Simon+Garfunkel tunes. 

Not only we had a ball at Coffee Fest Chicago, we also took home the top notable awards of the year - 'Best New Product Award' in Consumables, voted by expert jurors of the coffee world, and 'People's Choice Award', voted by all Coffee Fest attendees across the categories! 

Until next time - be a happy hippie for the sake of your coffee, and bring in award-winning Latte Da to your coffee shop! ☕️🌱