Salty breeze.

Swaying trees.

Ocean waves.

Lazy days.

Sun-kissed hair.

Fresh summer air.

And....a summer berry sunshine smoothie with your milkadamia. 

This refreshing bowl of summer harvest is created by our friend Alexandra of In My Bowl - an incredibly well-known, amazing leader in the world of plant-based eating and holistic wellness.  

Alexandra // In My Bowl

Alexandra // In My Bowl

Alexandra's recipe combines five ingredients - milkadamia {she used our Original} / seasonal berries / ripe+speckled banana / nut butter / chia seeds. So simple, crunchy, cool, and earthy. 

We also love the reason why Alexandra was specially drawn to this recipe - she was expecting her little bundle of joy when she created it! On her blog, you can read about all the reasons why sipping this bowl of flavor+nutrient burst is a good idea -- including why our milkadamia is a great addition to mama's diet. To read Alexandra's post, visit her blog here

May your summer be as free-range as our trees

Alexandra // In My Bowl

Alexandra // In My Bowl