They say August is like the Sunday of summer - time flows in a strange way on Sundays, and it does the same way in August. As last days of summer come by, we wanted to share what we've been up to this month - in particular our exciting nomination!

Our friends at VegNews nominated milkadamia this year to be 'your favorite vegan milk' as part of 16th Annual Veggie Awards '17. Every year VegNews readers decide what the hottest picks of the year are - from vegan celebrities to their favorite vegan haircare, and anything in between! Not only voting for your faves is a blast, you also get to win fabulous prizes just by voting - Caribbean cruise of a lifetime for two sounds pretty convincing to us. ☀️

In '16, 1.7 million votes were in - we are so eager to hear this year's picks! No matter what the outcome will be - we're excited to be part of the very best vegan options to be voted by millions of our VegNews pals. 

Voting for Veggie Awards closes on August 31st - and there's never a better time than NOW to vote! If you haven't done so, cast a vote for your milkadamia, and for a world where moo-is-moot, trees are supporting life {aka free-range trees 🌳}, and your smoothies are more smooth and creamy than ever🥛.

GOOD LUCK, from your friends at milkadamia.