There is no greater call to action than a perceived threat to our lifespan or our “health span”. Dairy has found rich pickings by manufacturing and aggressively promoting the “calcium crisis”.  Dairy’s creation of this has been a powerful driver of milk sales for generations. Creating a crisis, then playing on the fear thus manufactured has served the dairy industry well.

People are now learning how completely deceptive are Dairy’s calcium claims. To that measure, they also reject the honor and the honesty of those who have so cynically and systematically deceived them.

 Dairy woke up recently aghast at the change in their fortunes and at what they perceive as the confusion of consumers.  Consumers are not confused. They are more informed and determinedly rejecting Dairy’s BS.

 Dairy, like all industry, rely to a much larger degree than they fathom, on the goodwill of their fellow citizens. Deception will always make this goodwill brittle, and once its broken no amount of marketing trickery, no volume of crisis generation can repair it.

 Nothing awakens us to the value of trust so much as a glimpse of its fragility.

 NOTE: BS is not what you may be thinking, the “B” stands for bovine – the “S” however stands for exactly what you are thinking.

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